Problem with admob interstitials

I have a problem with admob interstitials, that they don’t always load, and I don’t know why.

I load the interstitial with listener, and show it when it is loaded. This is from one of my long session apps:
Requests: 159,344
Impressions: 107,293
Fill Rate: 99.48%

From the fill rate, around 158.500 requests had to be filled. But from impressions only ~67% is filled. The app uses internet (so it is impossible that after request users disable internet), and it is long session app.

Anyone else faces this type of problem? Everything is ok with banners, but with interstitials whenever I load with listeners, I see this problem. Now I started to load ad (again with listener) 1.5 seconds after the app is launched, but not sure if that will fix the problem, because I see this problem even when I call it 3-4 minutes later (I have another ad which I call after 4 minutes, with same problem).

In one of my new apps, only 30-40% of requests were filled, I changed to startapp to check, and everything worked correct with startapp.

Would be happy, if anyone shares a solution for this issue.


no one has a problem like this? (

Where do you show the interstitial ? Maybe the user exits the app after the request has been done ? or perhaps the user can change activity after the request is done ?

A filled request does not equal an impression, especially when you pre-load the interstitials

I show the interstitial at app launch via listener, so it is shown as soon as it is loaded. It doesn’t make sense to think that 33% users open the app, and close it within 1 second. (and as I said, I checked it with startapp, everything worked fine, problem with admob listener)

i have the same problem, but my interstitial is on app exit and so it may be possible that a lot of user simply close the app by using the home button on their device (which i didn’t want to override)…or maybe is something else, i am not sure honestly…on the phones i tried my app, everything worked fine

yes, I know that problem with exit button. Most of the users exit with home button, but don’t know why this is happening with app launch.

Probably will just load the ad in the beginning, and show it after ~10 seconds. And see what happens

i have interstitial on exit and have the same problem. It’s because spamming back button can close the ad before it even shows up I think. Maybe something similiar happens in your case. Is it possible?

Maybe Admob doesn’t count the impression if the ad is closed within a certain time frame.

I have interstitials on app launch too with no issues. Hard to help you without testing your app, here’s my adlistener, maybe it’ll help you:

interstitial.setAdListener(new AdListener() {
public void onAdLoaded() {;

    	public void onAdFailedToLoad(int errorCode) {
    	public void onAdClosed() {

seems like no one have a problem like that except me. Can you share the request and impression ratio of admob interstitials that you show on app launch?

In my main apps I have around 60-70%, but in some it is 40-50%

requests: 147,322
impressions: 97,669

requests: 9,693
impressions: 5,096

requests: 11,025
imressions: 4,442