Problem posting in the forum

I’ve been having problems when posting in the forums in the promoting android apps section. Everything goes to moderation and none ever becomes a live post. I’ve tried asking support about it but I never got any response. All my other posts before became live right away so I don’t know if it’s just an issue with my account. Anybody here having the same experience?

I’ve had the same experience since I created my account. My first 2 posts and my first thread needed to be “approved by a mod”, but I think that’s the polite way of saying it was discarded by the spam filter or something, because they never ended up showing up. At this point sometimes the posts show up, sometimes they are discarded, just have to wait a little bit and try again. I’ve PMed a mod asking about it but never heard anything back.

Exact same issue here - how long should I wait before trying to post again?

Exact same issue here, unable to post or comment :frowning:

Any help? :frowning:

same here, i can post in all sections but the “promote your app”…everytime i try to promote one of my app it gets stuck in the need to be approved limbo

After many unsuccessful attempts, I tried posting with the mobile site, indeed it did work :stuck_out_tongue:
Can anyone help me with procedure of editing thread title?

Same here, i can publish in all segments but the “promote your app” everytime i try to advertise one of my app it gets trapped in the need to be accepted.

yeah i also face this issue some time ago but now it has been fixed by team

I’m currently having this same exact issue. I’ve tried posting a new thread in the “Promote Your App” section on three different occasions and it has never worked :confused:

Posted 2 threads to “Promote Your APp” section in vain, none of them are shown after moderation. Thanks atleast now i know that i need to try again…

Same to me… this is ok but when I see spam and ads that pass through and I don’t, despite being a rather old and fair user…

Me too… oddly enough, it allows replies with a link in, but not a new thread!

Where are the moderators?

The first level of spam filtering (which you’re running into here) is done automatically. And while there’s a ton of spam it catches, some of it’s still trickling through every day and there are a few false positives too.

Try reposting now, let me know if you run into any further issues.

Good to see you here, please try to do something about spamming in this forum.

Just put a filter so that users with a certain reputation, calculated in whatever mode you prefer, can post without passing through the filter, and then on the other side make the spam filter even more aggressive for new users.

Hello there??
Who should I contact with to talk about the advertise on the forum? I’ve try the “contact us” but it seems that I’ll never receive any reply.
Could any one help me about this??
Thanks a lot!

I also have some problems.

haha, the puzzle is hard to pass! however never quit, You will pass it someday !

I think yes