Pro Assistant

With this app , you can search among applications , contacts , musics , files , messages and calendars less than one second!

You will forget other musics players , contact managers , message finders , or search applications…

if you want to play a music , you need only to enter some characters of music name and then play founded musics with it’s lyrics! all of these done

in less than 1 second.

when you need any file in your device [like a PDF , picture , text file , …] , just enter some characters of it’s name and open it

you can search and list thousands of items within some milliseconds. open application , uninstall them , open music items, share them , find files

,find folders , share files, call contacts , message them , open essential options like camera , voice recorder , …

the main features are :

Applications :

* Search and open apps
* Uninstall Applications
* Show Details of apps

Musics :

* Search Musics by Title , Artist , Album , Composer
* Play Musics directly after founding it without any third party ap
* Play musics with it's lyrics !
* Internal media player for best and fast performance 
* Share Musics
* Get Details of musics item
* List Songs
* List recently played musics
* music player pause on phone ringing/calling or removing headphone

Contacts :

* Search contacts by name
* Search contacts by phone number
* Message founded contacts instantly
* Call founded contacts instantly

Files :

* Search any file in your device !
* files details
* Search and open any folders like 'Bluetooth' or 'Camera' folder
* Share founded files!
* list apk files just by typing '.apk'

Settings :

* Access Settings like Bluetooth settings , Display Setting , Wireless Settings ....

Calendars :

* Search Calendars Items

Messages :

* Search Messages directly
* Open founded Messages
* Very Fast in searching messages 

Quick Action :

* Open Camera
* Open Voice Recorder

Widget : You can use widget to have instant access to application

I really like to know your opinion of this app.