privacy protector and memory booster

App Master is the best privacy protector and memory booster for your Android devices.

What do App Master do?
☆Lock: Lock & protect your Apps, messages, and other chatting tools with a simple pattern/password. It enables you to one-tap locking Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, SMS and Gmail, quickly and easily.
☆Hide Gallery:Got a few ‘personal’ pictures on your cellphone? No more worries, a brandnew ‘Hide Your Gallery’ function is coming to App Master so no more leaks ever after!
☆Boost: One-click cleaning up your mobile devices with maximum boost, free up its memory and speed up your phone
☆Backup: Backup & restore all your Apps and settings to the SD card. The backup function empowers you to share your Apps with your friends Mobile-Data-Free.
☆Customize theme:The lock screen can now be personalized with different themes at the latest version. Enjoy your lovely “Night”, your sweet “Christmas”, your private moment with a little “Fruit Smashing” as well as the hot “Cricket Game”; explore and dive into the “Pixel World”, the “Mysterious Space” and all the upcoming cool new themes! - AppMaster, more than a lock.

What makes App Master individual, a newly-developed but the most recommended one?

  • One tap Lock/Unlock your Apps, easier and simpler to protect your privacy.
  • Boost and improve your devices’ operating performance.
  • Backup and Mobile-Data-Free sharing.
  • Has the smallest installation package in play store.
  • Track your mobile data usage.

-“This app lock is really good, it consumed a lot less space, really light size app it is, well there’s nothing I didn’t like by far, best part is the boost, and good design too. I prefer password lock than pattern though, the unlock is much user-friendly.” —Kal (Student from University of Delhi)
-“App Master look good and clean. Love the lock/unlock idea, the boost function and the inter face for password page.” —Fi
l (Fishman - IT Engineer)
-“Great job u have done, App Master. Most of all it’s user friendly and effective, easy with PIN to unlock, and backup is terrific. Good protect for your mobile” —L**tha (Fishman - BD Manager)