Privacy Policy Google Play?

I tried to update my app today and I got warning saying that my app uses Read_Phone_State permission but does not have Privacy policy and that I am violating Terms of Service and Google Play Policy.
Anyone has any idea since when is this required?
Is adding link of privacy policy website in App Description enough to cover that?
Or should I add dialog in app in which I am forcing users to accept or decline privacy policy

I have the same with RECORD_AUDIO permission… They must had changed it some time ago…

Privacy Policy for Android Apps - Template and Guide …use this link,it will help you.

same here - today i wanted to upload new version of my game - then i got warning that my app uses “read phone state” - permission.
The strange thing is: i do not even have this permission in my manifest !?!?!

I am putting only link in privacy policy column, and I didn’t get any warning so far.

Someone already add link with Privacy Policy after that change ? How You guys create Your PP ? With some online generator or … ?

Apparently Google Sites cannot be used for privacy policy