Pricing: Phone vs Tablet

Has anyone tried, or seen tried, having separate apps for phone and tablet for the purposes of pricing them differently?

It may sound silly, but many games may have an inherently better experience (including better graphics) on a tablet than on a phone, it seems reasonable to charge more for a tablet version of an app than a phone version of an app, even if they are mostly the exact same app.

Interesting offshoot:

Generating a separate ‘Tablet version’, labelled as such, may be a good marketing tactic. Even if the apps are priced the same, you may draw more downloads from Tablet users than you otherwise would because they might feel more assured that they are going to get a good experience on their tablet.

Generating a separate 'Tablet version demand high professional skills and expertise.So it will good for you that try to be more informed about your issue through various medium.Thanks for sharing such an important issue.I will try to think about it.

i think that the subsidy that the phone companies pay for cell phones has something to do with the price difference also, the size of the components has a lot to do with the differences in price… it takes more R&D $ and material costs to shrink things down to fit into a smaller space…