Premium SMS - worldwide company

Hi. Did anyone used sms payments? I’m looking for company which can offer me worldwide payments via SMS. It should work like this:

  1. User want to unblock some content in app and he is sending SMS (on the number which is accurate to his country).
  2. Money goes to me :slight_smile:

Did you tried any company like this which can work in the largest countries?
Of course I will not use this payment type in Google Play, no worries;)

This post should not be in this forum.

Because? I will use it in Android app, so it’s about Android…
Your post should not be in this forum.

If you use SMS payment on Play Store, they may suspend your app because of violate their payment policy.

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Ohhh, so you are talking about wrong section, not forum;) I will try to change it.

Noone has experience with such type of payments?

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