Predatory marketing tactics of the formula industry

The Lancet has recently published a report on the underhand and predatory tactics of the infant formula milk industry and the consequences this has had on mother and baby health worldwide.

Their conclusions are that the benefits of breastfeeding are not sufficiently highlighted and that many parents are tricked into believing that poor sleep, crying and fussiness are good reasons to switch to formula rather than continue with breastfeeding. Only half of babies under 6 months are breastfed worldwide, which the WHO believes is adversely affecting the health of under-5s and future populations in general.

Do you believe that people have been ‘tricked’ into thinking that formula is as good an option as breast milk (‘fed is best’)? Or do you feel that the benefits of formula for mothers who can’t/don’t want to breastfeed outweigh the risks of poor breastfeeding rates?

Should formula be presented as an equal alternative to breastmilk or should women be made aware that ‘breast is best’? Has the availability of formula meant that breastfeeding support is not prioritised by healthcare services?

Edited to include link to Lancet report!

It’s not cool that they prey on vulnerable new moms and babies. In my opinion, breastfeeding is the way to go because it’s natural and has so many benefits. But I understand that not everyone can or wants to breastfeed, and that’s okay too. Formula can be a lifesaver for those situations. I just think we need to do a better job of promoting breastfeeding and making sure new moms have the support they need. It’s possible that the easy availability of formula has made it seem like breastfeeding isn’t as important anymore, but I think healthcare services should still be there to help moms who want to breastfeed. Anyway, I’m new to this forum and just wanted to chime in with my thoughts. If you’re interested in learning more about marketing tactics, you might want to check out this website They offer some attractive services.