PPI : Dont Opt for AIRPUSH BUNDLE 2 EVER ! 3rd party Apps

I write this thread to aware you, friends, that Airpush is not paying! They rejected to pay me my share of earnings for more than 2 months claiming that they dont see any push ads integration ! The code consist of all ad units and integration was perfect .Also with same code i was paid in dec 14 .The account manager hardly reply .Tech team takes weeks to reply .Only Nick from Airpush is the one who co operates and answers back.

They dont provide me with any documentation to show impression count was zero.There dash board system shows zero impression count for all my months counting the months which i was eligible for .They also nulled my 2 months of payment which was over 1000$ .I have screens with push ads working and also all ad units from that very month .Also my apps from that month are still live on 3rd party app store with functional ad units .I never updated them so date is intact.

I know they will still not pay me anything as account managers are least interested to pay attention on devs like me.But its my right to Inform community developers who are looking forward to earn money via airpush I would be discontinuing all my services with airpush very soon .

[b]The reason of this thread is only to Inform fellow developers that

  • Airpush has major bugged website.I myself have encountered many times Misleading figures ,Non working Dashboards ,Misleading stats with delays .

-Impression count is never seen on reports tab for push n icon ads .

  • I would suggest to use other PPI modules instead of opting for fake ad networks . [/b]

Write down your views on how should we tackle such misleading poor ad networks .