PPD (pay per download) - Mobango and Opera for only $0.03-$0.07

I have started campaigns for my game “Ultimate BlackJack 3D” on Mobango and Opera.

On Mobango it is $0.03 per download worldwide and $0.05 on Opera (targeting USA, Australia, Canada and GB).

What is common to this campaigns is that they are PPD - pay per download.

I am wondering why hasn’t any of you mentioned this way of getting downloads?

Isn’t PPD almost as CPI (cost per install), because I guess if people download the APK they will very probably install it.

Or am I missing something?

For me it looks like the cheapest way to get downloads.

Please any more info, thoughts, suggestions about PPD campaigns are greatly appreciated.


Opera store looks like a scam to me. I have several games there and the downloads the store is showing are not reflected in my statistics. Meaning that I have around 80 downloads for a game according the the dashboard but my statistics are saying only 4 users played my game.

I just went to Mobango’s site and I thought it said $0.05, but then looked again and it is $0.03. This is a great price. I was really excited about this and then I had an epiphany- these downloads are from Mobango, Not the Google’s Play store. Therefore they won’t help in your rankings in the Play store.

Although more downloads are good, I was looking for something cheaper than $0.20 per download from the Play store to help with rankings.