Post your Push notifcation CPM

I would like to do some research on currently CPM paid by advertising networks for push notifications. Some advertises do post their CPM but 90% are false.

This will be useful as push notification CPM can be compared from app to app and from company to company, unlike banners/interstitial because they have a specific location on each app, they show up at different times ect…

please only post if you have 10k+ pushes per day, and you average CPM for at least a week(a month would be great) otherwise CPM data will be mostly useless.

ill start, my notification CPM has been ~$1 USD with airpush for the last 30 days.

Airpush ~$0.7

Airpush $1.10 for last 30 days.

you are so lucky. i’ve been around 0.6 for a long time. how do you feel about submitting your cpm’s on a daily basis to a free online platform? This way we can all share info and take better decisions.

on a daily basis? that’s would be annoying and easy to forget about. posting the average over a month each month might work better. i would have no problem posting my CPM and getting a email each 30 days asking to update my CPM.

also what company are you with for the 0.6? i assume airpush.
if anyone has info about other push notification company like sendroid or tapcontext please post your aver cpm.

Airpush: $0.36

Yes i was speaking about airpush. I am thinking of trying other ad providers.

Leadbolt ~ $0,3 (this moth is totally bad)
Airpush ~ $0,9

Tapcontext - $2.64

You’re getting $2.64 with Push with Tapcontext?! How?

So far this month:

TapContext - CPM $3.50, EPC $0.03, Impressions 167,000 (“Very Low” frequency)

These are the only notification ads I’m using at the moment. CPM is down from last month, but still getting good results.

I tried doing this a while ago with a Google Docs spreadsheet. It’s rather difficult to maintain and keep people updating the stats (even on a monthly basis!). However, I do like what TapContext is doing with their Featured Developers page. This shows verified CPMs from popular developers, with links to contact them if you’ve got any questions. I’d like to see more ad networks providing this sort of info on their websites.

And I know David has been featured in TapContext’s list. Good.

@david is getting better CPM [$3.50] than me. As david mentioned, TapContext has aFeatured Developers page which shows verified CPMs from popular developers…and it’s happened

that david & me are among them. ( Frankly speaking, I don’t deserve to be one of them as many other developers perform far better than me ).

Airpush: $1.13
Leadbolt: $0.38

Regarding TapContext, this is another pump and dump company. They have gotten multiple developers banned already and they are increasing CPM’s for a few developers like @david and @WNASH to get others to join.

hmm, i was about to try tapcontext. can you give me any links/sources where devs got banned because of tapcontext?

Your airpush cpm is for smartwall, push, icon or overall?

Don’t know about tapcontext they are vey much new in market. but as you say airpush and leadbolt these people are currently low on push notification as they are currently focusing on their new ad types “banner/icon etc”.
why not give a try to banner ads or other adtypes.

airpush banners earnings are also not that great.

I don´t know about Leadbolt, but if Airpush is low on push ads its most probably because the mess they made when migrating to the new dashboard, come on i used to have great eCPM and earn more from Airpush then StartApp after not seeing my earnings for 1 month their eCPM was never the same, i think most probably the advertisers ran away, can you think having budget and not knowing how much you were spending? I would ran away too!