Anyone using pollfish nowadays?
or they are dead?

Hello @Javanshir, Pollfish is growing 40% month over month for the last 2 years. It’s the only survey network with significant footprint on Google Play and AppStore (Ad networks - Android library statistics - AppBrain). The majority of the survey inventory is concentrated in US and UK but there are other surveys running all over the world on a daily basis in smaller numbers.

Since I work at Pollfish my post is kind of biased. I will let the rest of the publishers in the forum to give actual feedback :slight_smile:

Dear @andreasv, I added to one of my apps for testing.
I opened the app, there was an external survey (surveyrouter, from browser), I answered => success => 0.3$ on dashboard.
After couple hours I opened again, there was another external survey (different provider, different questions), I answered => success => no money or increase in the number of surveys served.

The main problem, now every time I open, it says there is another survey, I click on it, redirects to surveyrouter, loading => Succes (you were not eligible to that survey, but you can still apply for survey).
It just keeps popping up, as a new survey that doesn’t exist. Which means, users will get it indefinitely, even if there is no survey

Hello @Javanshir thank you for your message. Please drop me a message privately with your API key at Pollfish. I will have the team check this asap. You can also reach me on skype at andreasvourkos or with email at [email protected] for resolving this faster. The behaviour you are describing is on the 3rd party survey format that is served through Pollfish platform. You can enable or disable it through your Pollfish Dashboard any time without the need for changes in the code. I would advice that you do check once again to see if problem persists and drop me a message so we help you go live and start earning as soon as possible!

Kind Regards


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