anybody using? what’s your results? mostly fillrate

I has been using them for the last couple of years… my opinion… good way of monetization but bad execution… I always got weird results with them… at the beginning they were only serving surveys to newer created apps so you app was in the queue and rarely you got inventory to show to your users… now they have changed this “alogarithm” to a one more ‘balanced’ … and now, aging no matter anymore… which is good. But still I would not recommend them as I said I always got weird results. For example, one day you delivered 5000 surveys and you have 300 completed , next day you deliver 5000 surveys again and you get 0 completed… (totally non sense since I have same DAU… ) the next day maybe you get 100 surveys completed and 0 money… and a lot of more issues that kept me mailing Andreas and the team for a while, they always were responsive but not operative…

Regarding your question… I have most of my users from USA and fill rate is 20%-50% , conversion are 0.30%-0.60% (yesterday I delivered 8000 and got 24 completed)

Had used them around 6 months ago and results were pathetic. Do not remember the exact stats though.

But it was not worth to keep in the app and i removed them within 2 weeks. Did not make even single cent from them.