hey guys,

is anyone of you using pollfish in your apps. How many surveys your apps getting filled daily .Suppose if i have 2000 active users today how many surveys i can expect from pollfish. Please share your experience with them. I am thinking of using pollfish in one of my app.

PollFish is only good for ‘incentivized reward apps’.

Sadly there are not a lot of surveys lately , even for USA I barely see any

I am not using pollfish.

But i have heard a lot here.

Each completed survey gives $.0.3 - $0.7

Only one survey is provided per user/per day (Maximum)

Sometime there are no surveys (Minimum)

Few users completes the survey without any reward. But it works best with incentives like rewards or removing ads for some session/days.

@romel must be having good insight of it as he is using it in few apps as he said last time.

Thanks GCC for your info …Hope @Romel share his thoughts on pollfish here

Guys I am not going to state anything about Pollfish since the best way is to leave the community talk about it, either in a good or bad way, since that will be the best, honest and not bias feedback :slight_smile: however have in mind that if anyone needs specific info just mention me here, and I will respond asap!

My android not compatible for this aplikasi :mad:

It is good, but don’t expect to have many surveys, they were actually better before, but seems like nowadays they don’t have many “advertisers”.
You will earn 0.3 per survey (and 0.12 per playful surveys) for sure, but you will not have many surveys.

for example, in one app from 1st of June I have 4500-5500 daily active users (+ today already ~3000) and here are the statistics from polfish during June 1-6:

Surveys served: 953
Completed: 3

Playful surveys served: 199
Completed: 2

Revenue: 0.9 + 0.24 = 1.14$

Users are from all over the world. I don’t know, maybe when you give something in return to users, you could earn more (like removing ads, virtual currency, etc.).

Yes u need to incentivize to be successful with .polfish

its so bad.
$1.14 for 5000 active users not worth.

so far i have 4000 active users and 3 surveys completed…thinking of removing pollfish in my app and it will reduces app size somewhat :confused:

Imagine you are user. Would you fill in survey if there is no incentive?
User mindset is you give me rewards and I do for you.
Isn’t circus and all animal shows done using reward system?
So to show survey must give them rewards. But if your apps is utilities category, there is little chance to give them rewards unlike games.

Are you giving them some reward to fill survey.
Utility apps makes it difficult to give reward. i think stopping ads for sometime might be good reward. but again ads revenue damage is present in that. :mad::mad:

Yes. Thats very true.

Do you have your pollfish stats with reward system? Do share please for more understanding.

Actually i am not giving any reward.

Without rewards you are still getting users to fill survey? Hmmm…

The latest information (their spam mail) I get is those companies that do install,clicks are now also offering filling up survey packages!
But since it is more time consuming, they are asking for more monies.
Just like CPI,CPC is exploited by developers, soon survey will follow the same direction.
I wonder how Pollfish detect fraud surveys done by users.

Hello @sgh, Pollfish has developed through the years several anti fraud mechanisms to screen out users that affect the quality of the system. Every single answer and every single survey completed from a users is reviewed by our system real-time and categorized accordingly. All these actions and intelligence developed, were required by our clients, mainly market research companies, that demand high quality of results for their campaigns. :slight_smile:

14 days of pollfish experience???

  • 4 Surveys completed untill now :slight_smile:
  • All 4 are completed by my close associates including me for testing :).
  • Not even single survey was filled by real user. awesome !!!

Rewards Scope in apps??
Apps can not have rewards like coins,virtual currency, levels etc as its there in games.

There are only few things like unlock premium features, make full ads free version, disable ads for some sessions etc.

So either of awards will interfare with the existing revenue stream.

Hence, Pollfish can not use the term “additional revenue” in promotion. Their surveys need rewards and rewards interfare and compromise with the exisiting revenue atleast in case of apps. Hence there is no use and no extra revenue.
Noone will preffer to make app full ads free as a reward for the sake of $0.3.

What Reward i gave???
I Disabled ads for few sessions as a reward for those users who compleats the surveys. Strangely not even single real user user filled it in 14 days. I am not saying i gave big reward. but it was some reward and makes some sence over no reward at all.

I had 900 DAU on an average served with pollfish.

I do not know how it works with games. i did not try it with game.

What i got in return???
Nothing, But 257KB extra size for my APK

Last, But not least???
So i am quiting pollfish and saving some KBs as a Reward (occupied by pollfish.jar)

Finally i got Reward :D:D:)

i hear good things before
maybe i use

13000 users so far 4 completed surveys…I think its not doing well for me may be its good for others . i am not blaming pollfish for not getting completed surveys…Use and check for your selfs.I am removing pollfish in my app