Pollfish - Win bonus up to $3160 with Pollfish new Referral Program!

Hello everyone,

Today we are proud to announce the official launch of Pollfish Referral Program.

Invite your developer friends to join Pollfish today and win up to $3160 in bonus.

Just follow the steps below to join the program:

If you have any questions regarding the program just let me know I will be happy to help.



Started today with Pollfish and I’m surprised. Great support, I’m using it with MobileCore (filling survey = 24h without ads). Still in the process to integrate it better.

I think it’s worth to try. This is my referral link if you like http://www.pollfish.com/signup/dev/2495

Thank you Andreas :wink:

I saw in the website that the survey is paying minimum of $0.3. Is this true to all country or specific country? Do you have inventory to Asian countries?

EDIT: i tried this demo app but I don’t see any survey - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pollfish.demo

Hello @romel_emperado, thank you for your message. Yes we pay on our basic survey format minimum $0.30 for each completed survey at any country. This can get up to $2. Yes we do have inventory for Asian countries.

So you try the app and you cannot see a survey? Can you login to our website from your phone?

@andreasv why do i need to use my mobile app to login from your website and not my PC? Can you post screenshot of your demo app what it should look like? I downloaded the one from PlayStore but all I can click is the “learn more”

hey @romel_emperado, you shouldn’t need to do that. I was just asking because some countries are restricting access to google, and Pollfish platform works with google cloud. Therefore if you are based somewhere that your connections are blocked you should not be able to see wither Pollfish surveys within the app nor the website. If you manage to see the website you can also see there in the monetize section the look and gill of pollfish surveys

Pollfish will be integrated in my next app

I can login to your website and I am not blocked with GCE because I have many servers hosted in GCE… What is the behavior of the demo app? It is just pop up for survey or you need to click some button?

If you go here, and scroll to the Survey Formats section, you can interact with the different steps of the SDK and see the exact look and fill of Pollfish surveys. The general process is that a small red rectangle appears, and user decides or not to click it. When he clicks it, a panel opens that prompts him if he would like to take a survey in order to get into a draw for a prize. If he decides to take the survey he completes it and then he is prompted on when the draw will take place and how he will get informed if he wins. Finally everything disappears from the UI of the app and user can continue with the flow of the app.

60% of my users are from SG,PH,KSA,UAE. Do you have inventory for the mentioned countries?

EDIT: Your survey looks good and clean…

yes we do have inventory for these areas too

Ads were not showing because interest bases ads were disabled… I’ve got an idea when I read this from your website

Pollfish detects whether the user has enabled his Device’s interest-based-ads settings (Advertising ID for Android/Advertising Identifier for iOS). If not, Pollfishdoes not proceed to any action and cannot offer any survey to the user or collect any of his/her Data.

Saw the reviews of your demo app in playstore and many others have that problem that is why they said no survey is showing up in your demo app…

Yes, @romel_emperado, pollfish surveys are not delivered if user has interest-based ads disabled in order to be full compliant with Google Policies! :slight_smile:

I just integrated this in my app… :slight_smile:


Get notified when a user is not eligible for a Pollfish survey
source - https://www.pollfish.com/android

When is the user not eligible for a survey? What is the reason ?

that’s great, let’s see how it will perform :slight_smile:

A user some times may be not eligible for a survey. For example a survey creator wants to target female at London. So we show this survey to a London user through an app and we ask are you male or female. If he answers male then according to the survey creator’s criteria he is not eligible for this survey!

If yo u have more questions please let me know, I will be happy to help.

Okay! I’m wondering If there are surveys available daily so the dev can earn daily because I am planning to incentivize the completed survey…

@andreasv why dislike this post? hmmm

Hey @romel_emperado, apologies, I don’t event know how did that happen :slight_smile:

Surveys are available daily through the apps, as clients come and go to the platform to create surveys through our DIY survey tool. We try to constraint 1 survey per day per user in order to ensure quality of the results and minimal intrusion to the user!

Incentivization for survey completion is a common practise on Pollfish platform and it can end up to very high completion rates up to 28%.

I’m seeing big $$ in my account with pollfish. :slight_smile: Planning to remove ads daily of my app when a user completed a survey… :slight_smile: hehe

The big difference with other incentivize ad network is pollfishdoesn’t require the user to leave your app and just complete the survey quickly…!

@andreasv - I tried to get my ref link but webpage not found - https://www.pollfish.com/dashboard/dev/invite

Hy @romel_emperado, you can find your referral link on the Referral Program-> Invite -> Invite your friends section. Your referral link is this one. If you need more info or help you can send me an email at [email protected] or pm me to continue the discussion from there :slight_smile: