Pollfish Unity Plugin is out - Introducing monetization with surveys in Unity world!

Hello everyone,

At Pollfish we are proud to announce the release of Pollfish Unity Plugin.

Pollfish is a new innovative way of monetization for mobile apps that delivers 10-20x more revenue than classic mobile advertising! At Pollfish we monetize with surveys!Pollfish provides minimal intrusion and high payouts. Users responding to Pollfish surveys win prizes - happy users! Pollfish surveys are displayed through an app only when a paid survey is available, otherwise nothing is shown to the users as if Pollfish was never integrated in the app before. The minimum revenue for each completed survey through an app is $0.30! Payments occur on a monthly basis with minimum payment at $30.0.

In addition, Pollfish can be used along with any other ad platform as it is displayed as an overlay and it can be placed anywhere in an app, just to bring extra revenue! Most of our developers use us as a supplementary source of revenue at the moment along with other ad platforms! Pollfish inventory includes both global and localised surveys on different regions.

Moreover, app owners can perform internal surveys on their users for free. With this option they can talk to their own user base, understand better their needs, listen to feature requests and get real feedback for their app. And all that for free just by using Pollfish.

If anyone has any questions/concerns on needs any help during integration I will be happy to help.