Pollfish SDK is now available through jCenter repository :)

Hello fellow devs,

I would like to let you know, that we have just released Pollfish SDK through JCenter (the default repository for Android Studio) so from now on, you can easily add the following line in your dependencies in your app’s build gradle file and get access to Pollfish SDK without the need of downloading any files and setting them in your apps projects.

dependencies {
    compile 'com.pollfish:pollfish:4.1.0:[email protected]'

So giving Pollfish a try can be as simple as the addition of the code above in your dependencies and a single call at Pollfish init function as below:

 PollFish.init(this, "your_api_key_here", Position.BOTTOM_LEFT, 5);

Less than one minute integration :slight_smile:

If anyone has any questions or suggestions please let me know!

Would be nice to have it also in cocoapods.

hey @ernestofndz, working on something like that already, hope to have some news soon! :slight_smile:

Great, looking forward. Mostly because for any SDK update, it will make it a lot easier :smiley: