Pollfish pays more


I’ve integrareted Pollfish last week and earn 5x more as with Admob. I’d recommend to make separate Money/Dollar-button to start a survey. (it worked for me)

Just try it out (with the signup bonus!) http://www.pollfish.com/signup/dev/3105


Don’t make threads for the sole purpose of referrals. I highly doubt you’re making 5x what you are compared to Admob ads.

If you want to refer people to a network then do so by supplying real data and analysis. This is a forum where we help each other and exchange information.

Please do supply some real data and information. Did you gives incentive for survey?

Pollfish is fine, but 5x more than admob is not quite possible.

Do not bother to ask for real data. He is just trying to fool us to get some extra bonus from pollfish.

Anyways, Is somebody has a real data about pollfish? maybe it can enlighten us.
I really have bad ecpm on Admob and I need good ad network to replace with AdMob.

Pollfish - Android library statistics - AppBrain

Ad networks - Android library statistics - AppBrain - ad networks ranking

I think that polfish have small inventory to use it in small apps, even in big apps its good to use it only as aditional income source with some custom mediation(own solutions).

Haha yeah right!! My cousin made a time machine and we traveled to many different timelines. Also please let me know in advanced which apps are those so I can avoid them. I don’t want to fill out questionares before I use your game or app , that’s annoying. Look we come here to help each other out , not scam each other.

I’ll supply statistics later (at the moment I simply have no time for this)

No, I really don’t. If I had such intent, I’d rather make a referral footnote - just like some captious critics here do :wink:

By the way - you still have an option to signup without a referral - just like this Pollfish

Well, if he compares Admob Banners with Pollfish it might be true.
We also earn 2 times more with rewarded video ads than we earn with admob interstitials, but this is not a fair comparision at all. You can’t compare 2 completely different types of ads.

Could you tell us more about reward video - like it was adcolony, or other? And what is the eCPM?
@droider I used pollfish with incentive to answer survey, the earning is almost the interstitial earning for my app.

Can this forum stop the newbie posting affiliate links

We use Unity Game Ads for videos. It’s CPI based. Average ecpm is $6 and active users complete 1.9 videos per day. If users where not that possessed with watching videos for gems our earnings wouldn’t be twice as Admob though. That’s why I mentioned you can’t compare them like this. I’ve seen way worse stats for video ads in other games.

Hi guys,

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Than it is worth to try Pollfish. Has anyone banned because of Pollfish ? or they are really google compliant as they declare. @shuiwo What do you think you are using pollfish ?

You may looking some of the popular app using pollfish at here: Case studies | Pollfish.com
I was using pollfish in a way similar to Fish Farm 2. If your game is having virtual coins, very high chance that your users will answer a survey to get the coins. And each survey will pay you minimum of $0.30.

I did heard someone in this forum mentioning he was banned using pollfish, but he didn’t mentioning the exact reason of ban. Here is the link: Pollfish - Advertising Networks - Making Money with Android @BigPanda might to elaborate?

Lastly, you may ask @andreasv from pollfish for more info. Also, if you are interested, you can register via my referral link and get up to $60 bonus, which benefits both of us.

Pollfish (incentivating with ads free) will give you 1$ for each 30$ you make with interstitial, that’s a real case because is mine :slight_smile:

This simply means your users don’t care for the items you offer them as reward. Pollfishs success is even more depending on the desire from users to get these extra items than video ads are.

I agree, but still is a real case rewarding the user with something… I would say that only if you have a very good deal for the user then you should consider try them otherwise it don’t even worth the time integrating the sdk

Pollfish is a great new revenue source. I think we have seen a 20-25% lift in overall revenue on average in the games we have put it in. However, its like everything in that it depends how you implement it.

I will say that Pollfish doesn’t seem to scale up equally with traffic. We have had games that are making $50-100/day early on, then they are get 10x the traffic volume but are only making $100-$150/day. They are probably spreading the inventory around per app vs. letting a few high volume titles consume most of it.

Here is one of our games showing that 20% lift in overall earnings with Pollfish. Certainly interstitial ads are still driving the majority of the income. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dg.puzzlebrothers.mahjong.fantasyland&hl=en

How pollfish is doing lately guys? I think i will give a second chance, last day in one of the apps where i have it implemented got 1$ per survey complete which suprised me, sadly I have very few completes per day