Pollfish Issue

Hello Pollfish users.

I just released my first game with pollfish surveys, but the pollfish red icon is not showing since I signed the application and send it to market.
I dont understand what’s wrong. When I was testing my app directly in my phone it was working very well, but the red icon stop showing after I signed the game.

The app is correctly configured in pollfish’s dashboard.
Any clues?

That means they have no surveys for your area. Before signing your app, Pollfish SDK is in test mode and you see a dummy survey that is always available at any geographical location. Once you sign it, you start requesting real surveys, and like most cases (specially in non-US territory), you get none (lol)

Hello Ryan

Really? That’s bad, I was thinking they have more inventory =(
At least, now I know there’s nothing wrong with my code. Thank you so much.

Once signed it will request real survey and that means no survey available while you are testing… Check the listeners it will give you idea what is happening…

They usually have global survey running at least 30mins - 1 hour everyday.

Thanks for the information =)

another thing is the Google Advertising ID - if opt out pollfish will show no surveys. Just tested pollfish for 15 days - way way worse than admob… Advertising ID is killing pollfish

Hello @HighwayMobile please pm me with your Pollfish email so we can check your account. If you cannot see a survey on your own device this does not mean that no surveys are running through your app. Surveys start and stop at any time based on survey creator needs and therefore it is just a supplementary source of revenue on top of ad networks. If you need more info please let me know I will be happy to help :slight_smile:

@johna we are working on a new SDK version that will work with the Opt-out for the Advertising ID too, so stay tuned!

@andreasv this is a great news. For now I will go back to admob, and if you fix the problem with Advertising ID I will be back. My idea is to use pollfish as a main tool to monetize and to remove the ads.

Which ads network you use for your service ?

@andreasv how is going with the SDK? I think to release a new update and I am waiting to integrate pollfish.

Hello @johna, timing could not be better! Pollfish Android SDK v4.1.0 with support for Opt out was released last night :slight_smile: if you need any help please let me know I will be happy to help!

@andreasv 10x! Lucky me :slight_smile: good timing , but will be good to post info here and not wait to ask for it. I am sure many others were waiting for it.
I will let you know if something jumps out :slight_smile: It will be nice to see after few weeks if there is increase in the number of the displayed surveys.

hey @johna, we were planning to make an announcement probably today, but anyway now it is live! Let’s see how it will perform :slight_smile: