pollfish big advantage

The great advantage of POLLFISH. That user do not leave the app,
after he finishes the survey…

what do u think is it advantage?
or u still think that Interstitials are better?
what do u use when user open ur app?

Im making good money there!
Surveys served yesterday 4482
Revenue yesterday $36.9

pollfish (referral link)

That’s impressive. Care to show a screenshot?

What sort of traffic are you running? As in what countries?

all over the world… no specific country

screenshot of the survey in app or stats?

2 Posts only? Sounds like a poll fish rep to me

nop im just new as member here but im reading the forum for few weeks

it is actually hard to believe. It was his first post here. So he registered just to tell us how well polfish is and help us earn more.

what is the difference between following:

Real Consumer Insights | Pollfish Survey Tools

Real Consumer Insights | Pollfish Survey Tools

I make over $100 a day with airpush so 36 is nothing

36 is like 1/3 from 100…you can’t simply ignore 1/3 of your income…having 1/3+ or 1/3- from your total revenue will make you feel the difference))

as its say in my signature its referral link like almost every1 here have…

100$ from how much imp?

about 33,000 impressions a day, around $3.20 ecpm rates overall. When I publish apps on google play I only select traffic on my apps for good traffic countries, like USA, and Europeean countries.

so ur ecpm is much more lower then what i wrote right?

pollfish don’t use impressions they go by surveys, you probably had to get 60,000 impressions to get them 4800 surveys you said you got.

no surveys mean the user saw the surveys popup and then they can choose to fill it or not
i show the popup when user open the app

so its same meaning as imp

i wish to have 60,000 impressions:D

well congrats then, just be sure you have a disclaimer in your app, google requires disclaimers on any apps that collect user information like names, emails, etc

there is no user information as far as i know but i will check it out thanks!