Pollfish - A new innovative way to monetize your apps! Forget about ads!

Hello everyone,

My name is Andreas and I am one of the founders of Pollfish (http://www.pollfish.com). Pollfish is a new innovative way of monetization for mobile apps that delivers 10-20x more revenue than classic mobile advertising! At Pollfish we monetize with surveys! Integration of the single line SDK is easy, fast and does not reserve any extra space on the developer’s app UI as its displayed as an overlay:

screen1.jpg screen2.jpg

Pollfish provides minimal intrusion and high payouts. Users responding to Pollfish surveys win prizes - happy users! Pollfish surveys are displayed through an app only when a paid survey is available, otherwise nothing is shown to the users as if Pollfish was never integrated in the app before. The minimum revenue for each completed survey through an app is $0.30! Payments occur on a monthly basis with minimum payment at $30.0.

In addition, Pollfish can be used along with any other ad platform as it is displayed as an overlay and it can be placed anywhere in an app, just to bring extra revenue! Most of our developers use us as a supplementary source of revenue at the moment along with other ad platforms! Pollfish inventory includes both global and localised surveys on different regions.

Moreover, app owners can perform internal surveys on their users for free. With this option they can talk to their own user base, understand better their needs, listen to feature requests and get real feedback for their app. And all that for free just by using Pollfish.

You can see our video below:


Or download Pollfish Android demo app from Google Play, where you can see how a Pollfish survey is displayed through a mobile app!

Demo App

Any feedback will be appreciated. Feature requests, suggestions and questions are also welcome! :slight_smile:





What’s your “fillrate” in geos such as Brazil, Spain, Russia and Portugal?

Hey @Nealo, at Pollfish we have both pending and running surveys, global and localised. At Portugal we didn’t have any localised survey yet but it is still covered from the global surveys. Standard fill rates metrics cannot be used since they are heavily depended on survey makers’ targeting options and criteria. For example if a creator choose to target only male gamers at Brazil this survey will be delivered only to apps that have user base there. However, generally speaking, if you have a good active user base, Pollfish can be a very good fit for your apps even if they are hyper-localised. Some of the recent global surveys that run though the platform just to give you an insight concerned bitcoin,electric cars, google glass, smartwatches, top fashion trends and others (quite interesting topics for your users too).

We are a quite new platform in the area, however we are at expansion mode. We recently received funding to increase our inventory and bring more surveys to the platform. More surveys means more money and happy developers :slight_smile: Since Pollfish provides minimal intrusion and it can be displayed as an overlay you can use it as a supplementary source of revenue along with other platforms just to boost your revenue (most of our developers at the moment follow this approach). If no paid survey is available for your app, nothing will be shown as you had never integrated Pollfish before.

If you have more questions, please let me know!

What is your fill fill rate for middle east countries? Is there a way to know if someone filled a a survey to its completion

Hello @hanfoosh. We do not use fill rate terms since surveys depend heavily on survey creator targeting options and cannot be generalised. However, we have both global and localised surveys covering the EMEA area.

If you have a look at Pollfish Android documentation here: Pollfish Android Documentation you will be able to see that we have all necessary listeners available that can inform you when a survey is available, a survey is completed, or even when a survey is shown or hidden.

If you have more questions or concerns, please let me know!

This looks very exciting and I iinderstand you don’t use fill rate, but you know what we are asking about. We want to know, when we call a method to show survey, how many times (out of 100)we will get a survey to fill? What are your stats like? Any major app using it yet?

We usually have from 1-3 surveys running though an app per week. Everything depends on survey creators’ targeting criteria. We are a quite new company in the market but we received high growth since we launched. We are working hard to create a platform that will bring something new and valuable in the monetization landscape. We recently received funding to expand our inventory, bring more clients to the platform and keep our developers and users happy! For the moment most of our developers use us as a supplementary source of revenue along with other ads. We are in high development mode, integrating and delivering features in an effort to adjust and shape our product to be the best fit for our partners so fill free to test, try and suggest new things :slight_smile:

Can i reward my users with in-game items for completing the surveys? is there a callback to notify of successful completion of a survey?

also, can you estimate what results can be achieved (on average) with a 1000 DAU?

Hello @toxic, if you have a look at Pollfish Android Documentation you can see that there are several listeners available to inform you when a survey is available or a survey is completed and you can act on that. We cannot estimate results to be received since it depends on your survey content, incentivize practises that you follow and survey availability and targeting.

anyone who used this SDK can share the experience?

I thought about such a thing, but don’t know if this is OK against GooglePlay rules:

I have game with let’s say 18 levels. 15 of them are available after finishing previous ones and in order to play 3 last of them you need to take survey from Pollfish. Is it ok??

Hello @ballada, in order to follow the approach you are suggesting and also be compliant with Google Play rules you must not force the user to take the survey to move on to the new level, just give him the option to complete a survey before moving on (this is generally speaking not specifically to Pollfish).

Many of our game developers though choose to show Pollfish within the game and not only between the stages.

Hey andreasv! Is there a way to limit the types of questionnaire shown through my app? From what I have read, you surveys can have up to 20 questions! There is no way the avergae user is going to want to engage with a survey for that long. I am thinking a survey of 5 questions maximum. Is this possible to control?

Hey @Rincewind thank you for your message. Pollfish surveys are usually 7-12 questions. A 20 questions survey is avery very rare case that almost never happens. Developers have no control on number of questions in a survey, however you should know that from numbers tracked on the platform 89% of people accepting to take a survey complete it too which means good user experience within the app! At pollfish we are taking very serious the user experience and survey length too since if a user drops off a survey we do not get paid either, so we do our best for that! If you have any other questions or concerns, I will be happy to help!


What countries do you now have good support for? As which countries have a strong chance of having surveys available for users?

Hey @A1ka1inE thanks for the message! Pollfish is a DIY survey platform so we have a lot of clients that come and go to the platform in an ad hoc unpredicted way having different targeting criteria each time. Therefore we have both global and local surveys running through the platform from our DIY service and from standard partnerships. If I would have shout some countries most probable to receive local surveys from what we see every day are US, UK, Germany, Spain, India, Brasil, Greece, Russia and others. However as I said there are not predefined patterns, I am talking with probabilities here :slight_smile: Global surveys run through the platform every day also.


Have you contacted academic institutions, particularly psychology departments? They are always looking to do surveys and might provide a more consistent stream of questionnaires, as it seems as though this may be one of your problems - volume & consistency of questionnaires.

PS. I really like the concept by the way, and I particularly like the $0.30 minimum per survey! But without the consistency or some actual figures of how many questionnaires I can serve my audience on a particular day, in a particular place, I will have a lot of trouble convincing the investors that this is a safe way of earning money. (Safer than say, traditional advertising.)


Sorry, another question. You say on your demo app that “No internet connection is required to take a survey.” If this is the case - do we still get paid if someone takes a survey offline? How do you know if someone has done a survey in our game, and how are the surveys updated or “served” to the user if they are offline?

Hey @Rincewind. Please feel free to ask any questions!

When users receives a survey and then goes offline his responses are hold in a queue and then when the user goes online developers revenue get updated. So you should not worry about that since the SDK propers handle the offline situation and developers reserve their earnings.

You can know if a user has completed a survey through a relevant listener, have a look in the documentation

public void onPollfishSurveyCompleted() {

Log.d("Pollfish", "Survey completed!");


If you have more concerns, just share them :slight_smile: