POLL: What kind of apps has the fastest download rate and most profitable?

I think this can help many of us to maximize out income from apps if we share info with each other and give/get tips :slight_smile:

So, from ur experience → What kind of apps has the fastest download rate and easiest to develop and are most profitable?

Free apps with ads only.

  1. Widgets like clock, battery, go themes etc…
  2. Wallpapers
  3. Fan apps
  4. Stupid apps like stupid sounds, quotes, jokes, pranks
  5. Games

and what kind of ads - network+type?

I would say a good slots game would get downloads fast. It would also have great iAP potential. I can’t develop them though because of my country stupid anti-hazard laws. :slight_smile:

Magnesus? (jaja sobie robisz? :slight_smile: ), ofcourse you can make it. In Poland gambling isn’t allowed but games “for fun” are legal. You can create poker, blackjack, slots but can’t make games on real money.

According to my analysis:
Percentage of Popular categories in Android Market are:
Games: 30%
Books: 18%
Entertainment: 20%
Education: 10%
and other are 7% popular

So, according to me if we have a fresh idea and we can implement that in a proper way then developing a game will be advantageous.

ramzix - read our anti-hazard law. It’s ridiculous and disallows games like poker and slots even when the only reward is ability to play another time. My client paid 6000PLN fee for having a site with poker and slots game (for points, not cash). Of course it’s highly unlikely anyone will notice and check our games - my client made a mistake of asking the Ministry to get permission. :slight_smile:

“Tell me what to do to make money” is how I interpreted that. Similar to affiliates asking tell me what offers and traffic sources bring the best returns.

From my LITTLE experience I think wallpapers are harder to market. I met people who couldn’t even select a live wallpaper on their device!!!

Also battery is an huge issue with some devices.