Police Flashlight – Police Siren Light and Sound

Haey how are you all. we have an amazing app for all of you ,Police flashlight . led flashlight app in which we have animations of blue and red flashlights and different templates of police cars and motorbikes. Led flashlight app have police siren sound effects ,police hooter sounds and police strobe lights.if led flashlight app is in your android then you do not need any torch light. its very interesting and amazing app this police flashlights are stunning get the app and enjoy.

here is the link for the app:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appsmehal.police_flashlight.police_siren_light_sound

I do not think Android can provide such a unique flashlight effect

I agree, and very few people in this so much need

Probably they are doing this animation not with a flash lite but with your screen, just changing the color.
Anyway, I think that even simple Flash Light application will be much better, because it will not destroy your battery with non-needed functions.

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