PoEditor.com translation manager and alternatives

I’m currently looking into finding an online translation manager. My app has been translated from English to 19 different and of course, every few weeks a few more lines of strings are added to the file so it’s an absolute pain to manage the whole thing. Currently I’m just doing it with email and the translations are mostly done by users of the app who are keen to get it into their own language.

My situation currently with this app: 19 languages (not inc English), and about 400 strings.

So today I noticed poEditor.com because someone mentioned it in another thread on here so I thought I’d check it out. Looked promising and I thought I would send back a report about it!

PoEditor is really well thought out. It’s quite intuitive and a well thought out UI, and easy to invite translators into the project. Also something that is important to me is that the exported files are kept in the same format including comments which was nice. Basically it just works and I was happy to come across it.


It’s way too expensive for me which is a massive shame. The $14.99 covers 3,000 strings. So I thought I’d be covered for my 400. But it’s 400 x 19 = 7600 strings! So based on their pricing model I would realistically have to look at their “plus” package which is $44.99 for 10,000 strings. But that would just be for this project. I have 2 more, and another on the way… So realistically I’d need the Premium package which is $119 dollars for 30,000 strings.

Well done the team that has done it because they’ve clearly thought it out well so they clearly deserve the revenue, but if you’re targeting indie developers such as myself it’s just not justifiable to spend that kind of money on a utility.

So my question is, does anyone have an alternative they are happy with?