Please stick: Be aware of ad-promoters

Hey guys I just can’t keep my mouth shut about this topic as it makes me angry more and more reading such stuff.

In almost every question about ad-networks, there is a new user, registered in the same month as the thread opened, with one to three posts about an ad-network that all of you never heard before, announcing eCPMs above $2.

2 recent examples:

Hi! I tried it. They have good price for click. And also they can pay once a week (that was really important for me).
Hello, I am Artur from Leviteo, I’ve sent you pm recently. Check it for details.
Ok, that was an obvious one, but one-poster as well

They often talk about “own experience”. We do as well, but we don’t say, that it is our own experience, because it is already given that we dont talk about others, that would be totally weird.

I just hope you take this post serious and don’t get trapped in those unserious networks, which often close accounts or disappear magically just before reaching the reshold leaving you nothing than a post box address in the emirates that will never answer.

Greets, Alex

On the bottom left of the post is a little triangle with a ! inside it. It is called “Report post”. Click it :slight_smile:

Yeah they should change the color to red and make it bigger. Trust me people would start using it more often.

I tried it. High eCPM! TRY IT!!!111one

I trust only AdMob. That is all.

i am tired of these scams