Please sign petition to Google Play Team

Hi guys

Google suspended one of my apps (again) without any clear detail on what’s wrong.

A lot of you guys know what I mean. I think it’s again because of the screenshots which shows covers of audio books.
I made sure I only use audio books in the public domain (no CC license) where the copyright owner explicitly permits using the material “as you want, even for commercial products”.

This is again a case where Google acts like “Dr. Evil” and doesn’t care if they destroy the existence of a small developer. And they don’t care about the loyal customers who bought the app.
I know I can file an appeal, but I want you to point to the following petition:

Maybe this was discussed before, but I think it’s important that each any every developer on this forum signs the petition and forward this to other developers which may not be active here.
I see this as the only chance to change something at Google. Even if you think you will never be affected by the arbitrariness of Google, it doesn’t hurt if you sign this. Maybe one day you will be happy that you did.


It’s a good idea…I will sign the petition…

Wow, 81 views and maybe 4 new signs for the petition.
You people really know how to protect your business. :slight_smile:
Well, I did what I can do. Good luck when the time comes that your apps or accounts are in trouble.

102 views :slight_smile:

support it, google must improve

Signed this a long time ago!

Signed too.

Petition won’t change anything.
It’s their store, their rules.

Deal with it.

Signed this 1-2 years ago if not mistaken. Nothing is changed.

signed too!

I don’t think it’s true that a petition can’t change anything.
Maybe not in the short term, but in general I think if enough developers sign it, there is a chance that Google improves their process.
If course it’s true that it is their store and it’s ok if they enforce their rules.
Nevertheless, the critical thing is that the process is too intransparent and you don’t get a real chance to justify, even if they remove your app in error.

I think in the meantime they are aware about this because in the mail I got there was a link to a survey where you can tell them how ‘helpful’ the information of the notification was and how they could improve this.

I signed some like that. But you use PD or CC0 not mean you free from risk. If someone get a audiobook and share without real author and you will be ban.

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean. I really would like to understand what could be the problem. Could you please try to explain this more detailed?