Please Share Your Statistcs From STARTAPP!!! Are STARTAPP SCAM?????

Get you share your startApp report ?
I am confused with the startApp in recent weeks , because in one week I did not get any income from startApp .
whether startApp SCAM now ?
i am using Intertitial Ads.
please share your weekly income you here .

note : I 've been in contact startApp support but till now no respone .
I hope startApp can work well as before .

some days 0.00 some days 0.02 earnings…startapp is a sinkin titanic.i try airpush and startap now.airpush intersitials good ecpm but 360 banners not.startapp give 0.01 airpush give 0.80 in same app

With your CTR, I don’t know if Startapp is Scam but you are certainly doing something scammy :slight_smile:

Startapp always was good ecpm but last month is terrible I dont know whats happening but I thinking leave startapp

they are not scam, but their ecpm has a big drop since mid March

they are so bad , i left them .

Yeah startapp is having a little problem but they’re still good on some days. Just like other companies, they fluctuate from time to time. I had an eCPM of $16.90 last week and another $9.10 a few days ago.

StartApp is good, it just fluctuates like the other companies.

This time i am trying for create acc and next day i will see this message:

“You are not authorized to login at the moment. For more details please contact the support team”

lol StartApp

i still have 0.01 ecpm now

Yesterday I received 5.05 ecpm

Sorry that was 2 days ago. Yesterday I had an eCPM of 8.72 :blush:

Funnily enough I was just looking at startapp. Used tononly use it for banners on an account that only had one app.

Last 7 days
12K impressions
450 clicks
$0 revenue

Good thing i never carried on using them

it is very interesting …only dysontl have good ecpm in this forum.i think he is a startapp worker.
because every one talk about 0. ecpm. i use airpush and startapp together.
startapp gives 2000 impressions 0.34 revenue .airpus 1767 impressions 1.78 revenue for interitials or splash ads

Haha I’m sorry bardsoft.

Do you want to see proof?

Startapp is legit ive used them for years. They are better than airpush or any others I have used and their support is really good. Sometimes their stats are delayed for a day or 2 but thats it.

Yeah, I wouldn’t say they’re better than X, but it is a legit and good network

Their eCPM is not that bad and they are trust worthy. Here are my stats for previous month.

Impressions - 901,333
Clicks - 113,124
CTR - 12.55%
eCPM - $0.81
Revenue - $727.18

My last 30 days:
Impressions - 597,655
Clicks - 143,462
CTR - 24.00%
eCPM - $2.18
Revenue - $1,304.14

Do you mind me asking what apps you have to be having that much impressions?

What kind of ads are you using? Just Banner? Splash + Banner? Interstitial + Banner?