Please recommend me some good network!

I have AdMob and Startapp, but not together, some apps have only Admob, some only Startapp. Google change maturity rating at my Startapp apps, as they say because of gambling content - that apps dont have any relations to gambling! I think that Startapp have gambling ads and because of that Google change my apps. Now I need good network. Two years ago I use Leadbolt, don’t know if they are good now. So please recommend me some good network, leave reff link of course. Thanks

Hi Aleksej,

You can try us out by signing up here.

Also, we don’t interfere with anything else you have in app as we monetize out of app.



I mainly use MobileCoreand Admob and now I’m also trying Airpush… I have good result with MobileCore($1 - $5 eCPM). Try it if you like…

What ad type do you use with mobilecore to get that ecpm, i’m thinking to use it soon just hesitating ?

I’m only using interstitial ad type.

You can use airpush too they have good ecpm minimum 2$

Yeah I’m getting good result with airpush with their appwall

Hi Aleksej,

If you would like to chat further about Airpushs ad products, shoot me a PM. As others have already said on this thread, publishers with us are experiencing great results with our ads, and we don’t allow gambling ads, so you do not have to worry about any Google Play compliance issues.


Airpush Nick

Hey Aleksej, have you heard about Supersonic? You can sign up here, pm me if you want a special offer to try out our system :slight_smile:

Hi Aleksej,

No one single network will provide you with high fill rate and CPMs globally. This is the reason why you should use AerServ Mediation. With our platform you can monetize with various ad networks that have strengths in all different regions of the world. Additionally you can streamline management and prioritization of these networks ensuring you’re getting highest CPMs and fill rate per region. If you’re looking to also monetize with video we offer 100% branded video ads and support all the top ad networks such as: Admob, Vungle, AdColony, InMobi, iAds and many more.

Stop putting your eggs in 1 basket and start using mediation. You can easily test new networks or even pause them on the fly as we support the majority of our networks via API.

Let me know if you want a demo of our platform or if you have any questions.

Feel free to create a Free account here:



Try 2-3 ad networks from appnext, mobilecore (currently having low ecpm), chartboost, supersonic, mobvista but avoid airpush.

leadbolt is long dead.

Hi aleksej,

At AdBuddiz, we focus on premium ads, which look very nice and pay really well. We are extremely careful about the type of ads that get displayed (meaning no inappropriate ads are displayed). We have more than 15 000 mobile publishers using our solution and none of them have had any issues with Google due to our ads.

If you’d like to learn more, please feel free to visit our website or you can email me: [email protected]