Please help, why is CPM Imps column missing in my admob report ?

Hi all,

I’m new to these advertising stuffs, anyone know why is there only CPC Imps column under my report but CPM Imps column is missing? Please refer to the attached screenshot.
My expectation is to have at least a CPM Imps column displayed but it will show 0, but now I don’t even have the column displayed in my report. Please hellllppppp, thank you very much !!

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 11.04.41 AM (2).jpg

Re-insert the image from a URL and untick “Retrieve locally”. The image you’ve supplied is too small.

Most ads are being sold CPC (per click) or CPI (per install, not in Admob though). Admob also sells ads by impressions (CPM), but advertisers don’t seem to use that very much. So the average app tends to get very few ads that are CPM based.

done, image reinserted. notice that the CPM IMPS column is missing. Shouldn’t there at least be a column in the report and show zero if there is no CPM imps?

Skurry, in that case shouldn’t i get a CPM Imps column in the report with zero count ? But now i don’t even see the columns being shown, unless it will only be displayed where there are CPM Imps ?

Maybe Google stopped the CPM program, wouldn’t surprise me given how little it was being sold.

Right, that makes sense. Thx !