Please Help! Confused about advertising Network.

I am a first time Android devloper having launched my app over 20 days back.
I had integrated mmedia banner ads on my app and didn’t expect anyone to download it.
But, now the app (it’s not a game, but an app) has over 10k active users and daily 200-500 people are downloading it.

My audience is 50% UK, 20%US and remaining from Europe.
My mmedia banner ads are giving me an average eCPM of $0.35 from the banner ads, and though the app is currently making $8-$9/day, which I don’t think is the best.

I am also thinking of integrating interstitials in my app to get me a little more revenue.

Could anyone please help me select the best ad network for the above countries?
Also, which ad network would give better eCPMs that mmedia?
Could you please also help me choose an ad network for interstitials?

Thanks a lot from a newbie!

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That’s a huge income. Are they from apps or games? I only develop apps.
Also could you please let me know what kind of ad units are you using from Startapp? I have read somewhere that their exit ads are leading people to getting banned?
Are you using exit ads as well?

Thanks a lot for your reply.

I reccomend notifymob look here at their amazing bonus|-july-extra-bonuses-up-%242-500-new-triple-play-ad-unit.html


I know this might be confusing for you, with so many networks out there. Instead of telling why appnext is the best for you, let me give you 2 important tips that should guide you with this decision:

  1. Never put all your eggs in 1 basket. Most developers here are integrated with at least 2-3 networks. So should you. Test them, optimize them and use them in rotation.

  2. Go for the solid names. Appnext, Startapp, mobvista and a few more - all companies with good reputation, support team, help with integration, reliable payment history, etc.
    We’ve seen our share if networks here that ended up causing a lot of damage. Just go with the more recognizable names, at least in the beginning, and you’ll be fine.

Good luck!

I recommend

all reputed and does not steal your money , may be eCPM could be less
but you are not in danger of getting banned on store

Does anyone here has experience with mmedia? I have been using them for the last 20 days. Their eCPM for my app has be around 0.35 on average with fill rate of around 97%?
How do they rank in terms of eCPM and advertising as compared to the other networks mentioned above? Should I change them?


i’d recommend to go with millennial (aka mmedia), admob and startapp.
they are all ok and supports interstitials.

to see which one is the best for you, just try them and compare the results.
one easy of doing that would be adboost which gives you both:
[li]a united api for all ads networks.[/li][li]set of graphs to compare the performaces.[/li][/ul]
you can check it out here:

*Note: I work in Adience (the company that made this comparison tool)