Please give an honest opinion about a newbie's game

Hey Guys,
I just published my 2nd game on the play store. I really need advice on what should I do. I am not sure whether the game is even worth marketing or not. You know one can’t judge his own work. Please tell me what potential does it have . Should I market it or take it off the play store .Your help will be really appreciated. Here’s the link

You need to keep working hard… maybe the game itself worth it (I did not test) but the UI and the screenshots are bad, I would not spend a penny to market this game. My advice is that you should improve your design skills and change the icon and screenshots ,remember that those are your first presentation and will motivate people to download your game…

Thanks for the genuine feedback. I really appreciate it. Though I plan on working hard but I get depressed easily by seeing other people’s success which I do realise that has been achieved by real dedication. But I’ll try my best.