PLEASE enlighten me :D (paid game advertising)

Hey guys,

my name is Sebastian (xSheetGames) and I’m new here and also relatively new to this industry :wink:
I have 2 games in the store and we have already tried a few different ad networks to monetize our apps.
We’ve sticked to AdBuddiz and Chartboost so far which are both doing pretty good jobs. The problem is,
we think we have some good games but apart from posting in forums and having a facebook page,
we don’t really have any marketing going on.

So my question is, is there any ad-network who offers CPI based advertising for paid apps??
I’ve researched a lot and I’m already sick of the tons of different sites who promise you gold & glory!
The only thing I found was ad-networks with some kind of virtual currency system who let you advertise paid apps,
but apart from???

I would appreciate it a lot, if somebody has an answer :wink:

btw. if you’d like to check out our games and give us some feedback, here are the links:

Can you share with us your eCPM on these ad networks?

I think that none of them offer that type of model because peoples just do not buy apps on Android but impression is shown so in some hand you get free promotion. Maybe IAP can work but Google policy is a bit unclear about that on the other side there are networks like Swarm that offers IAP via their sdk but it is questionable is it in compliance with policy.

i can’t really say about chartboost since we’re using it just for 2 weeks now an estimation would be 2-5$.
on adbuddiz it’s measured since march when we released the first one, and it’s 3,9$ ecpm.

we made a free demo for the first game dracoo and used ads to make a little money of it as well.
we have IAP in this one so you can unlock complete levelpacks and that does not give you good results :slight_smile:
since it is a demo people will stop playing after they finished the 6 playable levels.
so due to that the playtime is short and we can only make 0.02$ /usr.

Most ad-network charge around 0.50$ per user on a free app as far as I could research.
So if I’d use that, that would be 0.48$ loss per user :frowning:
I don’t understand how anyone would take such a deal??

I think a lot of developers would offer a high share to ad-networks if they’d advertise their paid games.
Sure there’s not a lot paying customers on android but I think if their share’d be big enough it could work.

Because you do that for 10.000 installs, that gets you to the rankings and you may get hundreds of thousands of “free” installs.
Btw, it is a little bit discouraging to see that such a good game as yours (love the graphics) has so few downloads…

Have you ever thought of offering to buy ad space on apps people currently use admob or x ad group currently, to cut the middle man out of the equation? I have sold whole ad spots for my current apps and they pay quite a bit less to me than they would an ad group. But we both end up making out great in the end.

Thank you. I guess that your users coming from developed countries? USA, Japan, South Korea etc.

They trying to enter on trending list or maybe trying to push some initial user base and so on.

I do not think that it is so simple. Your current average income per mile is around 4 dollars so if network cut is 30% too then the final cost is around 5 dollars per mile. Lets take simple calculations, on every sold game Google cut 30%, you are selling your game for a dollar so your income is 0.66. So need at least 8 sells and we do not count a taxes in those numbers so it can easy go over a 10 sells per mile. Compare this to your IAP income and you will see that its very hard to be achieved.

@BaksaiApps: thanks a lot :slight_smile: I appreciate it!! we have been ranked in a few countries after receiving a review from xda-developers
and that gave us awesome results but after a very short time we fell out of the rankings. So you would have to get an extremely high amount of downloads to
compensate for that advertising budget I guess.

@hubris: yeah I thought about that, make me an offer :wink: has anyone of u guys tried AppFlood to acquire users?? It sounds good to get new users, but here is the
question how to make money then :slight_smile:

@NekoSpolja: the most popular ones are: USA, Russia, France, China and Germany
Yeah I think to get ranked is the best thing to have but without ongoing advertising you will vanish quickly and that’s the pity!
nice calculations :wink: I think we should ourselves start an ad network and hope that somebody will buy our adspaces :wink: