Playing sound when calling and other person hearing, possible?

Hi all,

Is it possible to create a phone dialing app that will play a sound in the background that the person on the other line can hear?

So I will call someone and play a farting sound for example and he will hear it.


Or you can launch a fart soundboard and put your friend on speaker?

i dont want them to play fart sounds. its something else… is it possible to program?

No you can’t. This is something that depends on Phone Provider(AT&T,TMobile and etc…). They can change the default sound to whatever they want, or provide a service for changing that sound. You can not programm it.

so for example you can’t play music so that the other person hears it? that’s too bad… and a bit crazy to me…

please help me!!!

you cannot change the in-call voice stream ,
instead you can play the sound you want on loud speakers and the device mic will catch the sound but it will be poor quality