Play Store Installs don't match actual figures....

Hi all

6 days ago I released my app and currently when I log into the Developers Console, it tells me I have:

19/26 installs

Which I take to mean that there have been 26 installs in total and there are 19 current / active installs.

This figure was reached about 3 days ago.

On the Desktop version of the Play Store, it says ‘10-50’ downloads which is fine. however, in the Mobile version of the Play Store (Phone or Tablet), it says 10.

It’s been like this for 3 days now, it never seems to update to match the actual figures in the Developers Console.

Is this is a known issue? Anyone else run into this problem?


The new Google Play version on mobile doesn’t show the interval anymore but the lowest number of the interval. So if you are in the range of 10-50 downloads, it will say 10. If you will have 90 downloads, Google Play on mobile will display 50.

Thanks avradu1984, that would explain how it can appear I have more reviews than downloads :smiley: Cheers!

Well, actually its showing intervals over the desktop version ! i.e. I guess the other user has guided you over with the appropriate answer.