Platformer Game, which ad networks?

Good day everyone! My platformer game for android is almost ready, just needs some levels , polish and last but important the AD NETWORKS.

So I am thinking to use

  • StartApp
  • AppFlood for interstitial

Is it enough to use only 2 AD Networks? I am also thinking to integrate PlayHaven because their Ads take no time to load and are shown 99% of the time.
What else do you people recommend? Thanks :slight_smile:

IMO, startapp and appflood will send random ads. When people are gaming, they would love gaming ads. PlayHeaven looks cool.
If I were at your place, I would first search for game related ad networks and then go for generic ad networks.
Check out WordHero game in Income Report section to see what kind of ads are shown in that game.

Other members who have published games can provide more input.

Well i havenโ€™t seen any other then leadbolt and playhaven that has gaming related ads ( correct me if i am wrong here ).Rest all send random ads

chartboost is game related ads, since i know they just serve interstitial ads

What about their pay rates? are they better then leadbolt ? and do you recommend AirPush(people usually hate it because of push ads)

AppFlood is a great network for games.

thanks, I think its all between AppFlood , Chartboost and StartApp maybe? Whats the best combination?
all of the three show interstitial ads, is it good to use leadbolt or airpush or push ads?