PinToShare - create and share your data with Android

PinToShare - create custom Android app for free
Create your own PinToShare app share it with all friends. Manage your data online. Your data are ready to manage online, able to send to other mobile devices with cloud. With no connection to internet, all app go offline after connection to cloud. Keep information in sync with data through cloud and download new content into this.

s it a kind of service with which you can create your own mobile app. You create your app data online, it goes also with syncing to your mobile device.

Don t worry about connect to internet, your data do not need to send per email, as well. Just create your PinToShare app and send it others. Each mobile app can connect to cloud, while the content is loading, then it downloads your data. All data after download are saved and work offline. All your uploaded data are shown in app list. Just put the PIN and download your application.

The most important is, you work offline, too.

Have a plan trip with your friends, own hotel and need to share information for your guests, are you a manager and need to send the information to your team… why use emails, broadsheets? Create your PinToShare, easiest way to share the data with everyone

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PinToShare - custom mobile application

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