Pingjam caller-id ads - new ad network

Hi guys,

I wanted to share some of the changes we have made in the past few weeks since I last posted here-

We have worked on paying you more, faster and with more options:

  • We have added payment for installs worldwide. We are continuing to pay $5 for every 1k actives in the US and Canada and now we are also paying $1 per 1k actives worldwide
  • We have improved our payment terms and are now paying net 7
  • We now offer bank transfers
  • For accounts that make over $20k, we now offer transfers twice a month. No fees

We have made it easier to sign up and have full visibility into our performance:

  • We have launched our brand new developer registration and management console. We are really proud of it (tons of pizza and redbull went into it:)) we think you will like it too

As a quick reminder - we do caller id ads (thread -
We present a small text ad on the device’s screen when a user calls a business for which we have a relevant ad (example - a pizza coupon when a user calls a pizzeria). We pay you a guaranteed monthly income for every active install so you don’t have the instability of fill rates or cpm. This means that you are guaranteed to get paid every month for every user you have.
Best of all - we don’t replace any of your existing solutions. You can continue working with whatever solution you currently have and get paid from us on top of that.

I hope you like the changes we have made. Please check us out and don’t hesitate to let me know if I can help.