Pingjam, Appwiz - F.U!!

I was not using Pingjam and Appwiz.

Last week I updated Pingjam and Appwiz in my apps.

My developer Account and four of my most downloaded apps got suspended.

Out of four three were downloaded more than 1 million times.

So I am freaking frustrated now.

These fucking liars are liable.

Mailing us we are “google compilant”.

Have to start from scratch now.!!!

Thats really bad , in think we all have to stick with admob if it keeps happening this often , anyways was any of your app about semi partial nudity or anything close to that ? I’ve seen them suspended alot these days…

I use AppWiz in all my apps and I haven’t lost an apps.
There’s a lot of other posts like yours and it seems that PingJam is the culprit in this case. In a few days I hope we will have a better idea as to what’s going on.

Dude. my apps were Launchers and Themes .

4.5 ratings with 12k+ Ratings. :confused:


Appwiz adds a bookmark in the browser.
Which is not allowed.

[QUOTE=rohitlavania;25003]Dude. my apps were Launchers and Themes .

4.5 ratings with 12k+ Ratings. :confused:

thats a sorry thing to happen… launchers and themes cant even have banners and interstitials… damn :expressionless:

It changes the homepage, it doesn’t add a bookmark. This has been discussed extensively already. StartApp do the same thing and the argument seems valid to me.

Obviously everything’s open to interpretation, especially after this wave of bans today. Maybe you’ll prove me wrong…

Hi Rohit,

Sorry to read that your Apps got ban by Google. would like to clear one thing here, Appwiz tested our last SDK long period of time to make sure we are FULLY compliant with Google Policy, we do not add BookMarks, No Icon Drop, No Push ads!

If you need anything from us, if there is anything I can do to help pls contact me directly anni-appwiz (Skype)

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Appwiz is a scam. I would not be surprised if they are noncompliant as well

I make far more with startapp in app ads. Appwiz is a joke.

How can you be sure you’re ‘FULLY’ compliant? Pingjam had been distributing their SDK before Appwiz even showed up around here, and Pingjam only started getting banned now. No one can really claim full compliance as Google seems to ban networks on a whim these days.

appwiz is playing with the developers , making fun of developers , they are not doing payment at all , they cheated me

Same is my payment . They cheated %80 developer i think