PingJam and the Bans - a warning to PingJam developers

Just a summary on what is going on.

PingJam are no longer returning our calls nor the emails we have sent regarding their contacts to Google. They are also not to be trusted that they stopped operations - the download rates are increasing on their backend and also on our tests Caller IDs are still shown on some test calls.

They informed us that there is one “supposed” contact in Israel who they work with - as far as we understand from our sources there is no Representative in Israel for Google Developer Relations, the main person for Europe is in London. They are obviously not disclosing who that person might be and if he/she really exists, which we doubt.

We are trying to get to somebody in California, but this is rather difficult. We have received an unofficial confirmation that the reason for the removal was indeed PingJam (which was obvious since only PingJam apps were removed) This will be enough to go into Arbitration or if needed a following lawsuit.

We are very sad and once again feel strongly offended by what seems to be a company operating in Israel and especially Tel Aviv. It is hard to make judgements on the whole Business Eco-System in Israel, but this is the third time we have to work with a company in Israel and this will definitely be the last time as it always ends in a fiasco. I do not know why the companies there insist on running a scammy business operation and I can’t quite understand how Israel is to be seen as a thriving Startup environment at the moment. Our record has been devastating.

We will definitely do our best to get some compensation from PingJam and are already in talks with our lawyers in Delaware. If you would care to join us, contact us via PM.

I would also urge the website webmaster to issue a warning on the main page of the website, not the forum, that PingJam is not to be trusted and that apps that were posted using their network are getting suspended so that Google can index this and no more developers use their network.

I also expect them to start blaming developers for the suspensions,which they already tried on another thread, by not acknowledging their responsibility, but due to the reason for removal, the System Interference Provision, there is absolutely no need for them to even try that trick as this provision is very specific in what it contains.

Its not Just PingJam most ad networks that appear here in the forum are a scam.

They get positive mentions from spammers in the forum because these adnetwork pay for referrals. Most ad networks pay less than 30% of a deal to developers (That is the reason why they pay for other scum/spammers to refer other developers decently).

@billyh, apart from admob, i have seen almost every network representative here. so only admob is good? pls.advise.

Hi There,

It seems that every country has its fair share of scammers and reliable businesses.

From what I have investigated, the CEO of AirPush, Asher Delug, is an Israeli as well (living in LA). I wonder what part this plays in AirPush and being “Compliant”…

But a true pity on the outcome of PingJam. Had an interesting technology. RIP.

Will keep you tuned…

Dear Investigator, can you tell us what do you think about widdit?

Yes first widdit pls. and then startapp

Sure. In the meantime, I have not found any Compliant issues with them, but they have many “bugs” & “crashes” in their SDK solution which makes it very unpleasant to the user.

Ok. So where exactly was the reason of banning PingJam? They claims 100% compliance. Or you don’t think that they shouldn’t be ban?

We can’t say anything bad about Asher Delug, not sure of his ethnicity and this is not an issue here. We simply outlined that we have dealt with 3 companies from Israel in the past, 2 times we have signed contracts with them and never heard back and this was the 3rd. Maybe our experience is not a representation of the Israeli Business Eco System, but we will most definitely approach every Israeli company with a bit of distrust from now on, unless it has some high credibility status.

And to make sure that the fiasco doesn’t happen with a new company they join, here are the people responsible for PingJam, at least according to the emails and company details we received, your choice:

Ran Rubinstein
David Cohen (registrant of the domain)
Elnor Rozenrot (who has also replied here)

At the moment, they have denied any contact to us. On a slightly different note, we haven’t been payed the little amount it was on our system, but will see if any payment will be proceeded in the future.

But the least they could do is say - ok we screwed up, let’s compensate you and move on, our mistake we stand behind it, we will think of another business model. But since this hasn’t happened, and it will most definitely not happen, and their website is still online, then it is obvious what direction this company has taken.

I feel sorry for you incorporateapps… really. i have a lot of experiences with israeli ad companies… sometimes good and sometimes really bad
for the names and just to have fun a little: “David Cohen” in Israel is like searching John Doe in the United States :slight_smile:

From my understanding, they are probably more safer than others becoz their lock screen can be easily changed and they uninstall themselves if the app is deleted. This is good compliance on their part unlike most other PPD network who continue to mint users even after they uninstall the app which bundled them.

Widdit does have a lot of crash and bugs. Hopefully they can fix them soon. Keep reporting them to their team.

Part of their platform wasn’t in compliance and it affected some of their developers in September when the policy went into effect. From what I hear, Airpush just fine - it is generating lots of $$ from their ad network with a small portion coming from the stuff that wasn’t in compliance.

@ChristopherAppKey can you tell which part of widdit platform have problems with compliance?