Picking a game category

Hello everyone,

I’m currently developing a very simple game that I plan to release in the next week. I’m having a bit of trouble selecting the right category for it.

Arcade or casual would be the best fit for it, but those categories are very tough to rank or compete it. Would it be better if I select a category that doesn’t really fit as well but is easier to rank in? For example: I could select the Adventure category. This is easier to rank in, but my game isn’t really an adventure game.

Looking forward to hear about your thoughts and experiences.


Depending on how attractive your simple game is, it might fail in the wrong category.

For example, releasing a football game in the board games category. People searching in board games category won’t be interested in a football game.

Put the game in the category it fits in most. It’s like my previous poster said. Even if you rank higher in adventure, if it’s not a real adventure game it wont help. If you don’t do really good: Never ever change your category. You are going to face a huge drop in downloads after this, because your app disappars from all of the similar apps lists.

More popular categories also get more users that look for games there - meaning a lower rank in popular category might give you more downloads that very high rank in less popular category.

Thanks guys.

I will stick to the Arcade category as it matches the game the best.