Photo CROPPER-free app.Please try it!

Hello everybody! I have written the application CROPPER. It’s free. Please try it and comment. The link is


I reviewed 5* and gg+ with name “Peter Verther”. Would you please help me review and do the same with below game?
Thank you very much,

Hi! My wife likes this game and she likes sounds and design. We rewied as 5* by name Alex Sergienko. But we find a mistake in name of popup, you wrote ‘Puased’ but it’s wrong. I hope you fix it.

If you do not complicated look at my 2 another apps:

it’s old but I like idea of this apps. Now I do not have time to update it but I will … ))


I reviewed 5* and gg+ with name “Yves Beauvile”. Would you please help me review and do the same with below game?
Thank you very much,

P/s: My old game is suspended. Please help me re-download new game.

Hello, i just reviewed your app with 5 stars(G+ ofcourse).
Name: Ve Geta, Comment: “Great app works perfectly”
Here is my app:
Please rate it.

As I understand you wrote message at first with login mobile.bluesky, and then as yves.beauvile

I have reviewed your app and rated 5* by link but now this link is incorrect. and you send me that your game is suspended. Ok, I will redownload your new app. But I do not understand what’s wrong with your old app ?

Ok,I will rate your app. You know your app looks very scary but it’s interesting to try how it works.

I g+ and reviewed your App with 5 stars (Critical Mass: "Nice and simple Now I don’t need to upload photos onto my PC to resize, rotate or cut off parts of the image, this app makes things a lot easier. I like this! ")
I would like you to return the favor and review my app with 5 stars too:

Thank you!

Done, G+ and 5* review “name : boukhari”
Please do the same for mine :
Jewels games
War games


I re-login by other account to control messages, quote more easy.
My old game is suspended because of violation of keyword policy.
Please help me download new game

It’s done, you have five stars and G+ from Pascal Monnier.
My app :

It’s interesting idea I want to rate it but currently this app does not work on my device Htc One X. I see message ‘Touch to paint’ but when I touch I see black screen, I try to load picture but I can see black screen… maybe you will fix it

Thank you very much for pointing this out. Colorful stuff like in the promo video should appear on the tip of the finger, so this is bug, most probably in some shaders. It’s a pitty that for Htc devices there is no remote lab like for Samsung devices :frowning: , else I could test it out on this device (… and it does work on 21 real devices devices, which I used for testing). The strange thing: the Htc One device has a NVidia GPU, and I have tested the software on emulators with NVidia GPUs in the background. I will try to borrow a Htc One X device from somewhere.

Hi! You know I use this app every day when I have time. It is very simple instruction and using. Thank you! And I want you advise to install app

It helps me control my money. I like talking by phone and did not manage to control money, now I control my money and I’m happy!!

Done, reviewed, rated 5*, G+ and open app as “TheDennisho”. I will keep your app in longest time I can. Hope you can do same for me :D.
Please return the favor with keyword “ZigZag Ball” in your review. :
Best wishes to you :*

Done please return the favor :slight_smile:
Use keywords “Drunk locker app” in your review

Guys, please try my app and comment! It is very important!