Personal and Business Google Play Developer Account?

Hi everyone,

I already have a personal Google Play account, but now I’m opening up a business, and will need a second (business) Google Play account. Is it possible to have 2 GP accounts?

I wasn’t able to figure this out by myself yet, so if anyone has experience with this, I’ll be grateful! :slight_smile:


Yes, there is nothing against having multiple accounts. The only issue you could run into is if one account got banned (for whatever reason). They would subsequently ban all other associated accounts.

If you are not violating any terms and feel that you wont in the future, then just make a second account as you would normally. If you don’t want association, then you need a different credit card, contact details etc. You should also use Private browsing/incognito mode when on this other account too.

Again, if you are operating in good standing then you have almost nothing to worry about (there’s always the tiny chance that Google is a dick to you for no reason).

Thank you! I’ve managed to get Google Support Team and they said what you said. :slight_smile: It’s OK to have as many accounts as you wish.

But they didn’t mention the other part, that if they close one account, all accounts get closed. :slight_smile: It’s good to know this. But luckily I don’t plan to do anything questionable. I will be developing apps for various cities and municipalities (actually, a friend of mine will, I’m just selling this stuff).

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You can use many accounts you want, but for safe each account should use different IP (clear cookie before switch another account), different information(address,credit card…) If you want more detail add me at skype:hungadsense i will help you.