Percentage Health (%) vs. Numbered Health (100/100)?

Hey there,

 Just wondered what everyone's preference would be for a health bar. I am making a RPG game for android and apple phones and Im trying to get as much feedback as possible.... even on the tiny things like this! See images below [blown-up in size to show hp bars better]!

We need all the feedback we can get. RPGs are one of the hardest games to get right, but we want to revive the good old gameboy days!

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if u see stats gi with 100/100 as player need to know how his hp points develop. and with normal interface u can go with just bar.
and make better graphics

I think numbered Health is better…

At the moment I get eye cancer from the visuals and perspective. I know this wasn’t asked, but I needed to point this out, since it’s funny the health bar is your only concern about this. I wouldn’t show both of them btw. Simply hearts or a stylish bar with scrollwork or a red/blue orb without any numbers shown would be the best for this. Health points are for menus, not for the HUD.

Boosting it on Kickstarter in hopes of making this game a reality

I kinda like the graphics in it. The perspective is typical to such games.

It is common practice just to show the fancy looking HP / MP bar with no numbers (see Diablo 3). However, I would show remaining HP and MP (as a number, like: HP: 541) on top of the bar to provide more information to the user, or at least give it as an option in settings. It obviously depends on the game and the player, but usually the player remembers how much HP he looses per battle, and the percents are less acurate so as a gamer, I’d rather know how much HP I have left.
Good luck on Kickstarter.

The perspective is anything else than typical. They mixed 3D graphics with sprites and a completely on top view with walls shaking around like crazy.
This view is typical for classic RPGs:

Ah, I haven’t look at the video - they seem to shake only in one part though. Zeldas had strange perspective too: - Minish Cap even had layers moving in a similar way (simulating paralax) in cloud dungeon (or whatever it was called).

Yep, Zeldas perspective was completely wrong, but it was intended, not irritating nor commited a breach in its 2D design. In this game though it doesn’t feel right and especially as a designer it really bugs me, together with those completely visible and repeating tiles without any variation and zero decoration anywhere. I don’t see any love or effort from the designer on this.