Payroll Tax Calculation

I have the need for US payroll calculations integration into my app. IÂ’ve come across software that does calculates withholdings for all 50 states.

If integration is possible, IÂ’d like to hire someone to implement into my app.

Also open to other possible integrations for payroll withholding calculations.


Of course you will be able to combine them all

It is little said, the calculation of this tax is enormously important, especially since the non-payment leads to the fact that you will have quite large fines. Accountants, being people, can sometimes make mistakes in calculations. In order not to have such problems I use an online platform that carries out the entire accounting. So both salaries and fees I pay through ThePayStubs. By this method I also have transparency, but it is much simpler, because the bank alone makes payments and I do not forget about this.

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