Payment airpush 9 may

can anyone get payment today?
Please info on this thread.


Someone aready get it ?

No, i dont get it…

they will be processed today which means the funds probably wont show in the bank until Monday. I got my weekly payment today for one of my accounts but still waiting on my monthly on my other account, im guessing funds will popup Monday, but no worries, Airpush “ALWAYS PAYS” I have been with airpush since 2011 and I never got failed to be paid.

Hey everyone,

We do appreciate your patience with the delays in monthly payments.
I was just informed that payments were just processed and funds will be hitting accounts soon.
PM me if you have any questions.


Payment has been sent to my paypal…

Payment sent to my paypal

I got it on bank account;)

Receiving payment from Airpush is usually not an issue. But they really need to get serious with ads with policy violation (e.g. interstitial without close button).

Still waiting for mine hopefully it clears on Monday.

I still didn’t get my payment for Bundle 2

bundle addons are net30 now

Yes I know , and I didn’t get my payment for 4 weeks now , the account manager told me that I should be paid on the 9th , and I still didn’t receive anything

I have not received March 2014 earnings yet. Additionally in the “Payment History” section (Airpush - Mobile Ad network | Push Notification ad network | Mobile Ads Redefined | Android app Monetization), no payment has been processed since April 7th.

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

Still waiting…

got mine today

The last time this delay happened to me was in January 2013 , since then Airpush payment was exemplary , so I really hope this delay won’t become a tradition for them

Someone has already received the monthly payment of bundle 1?

Hi guys, Im affected by this issue too. I have not recieved my March earnings.
In payment history, inside Airpush dashboard, I can see the Payment, but not recieved in bank.