payed app

I made an app which I think looks and plays really good. So I am thinking of making a paid version of it.
But how do you get people to download a paid app?

Well the major drive for downloads of your paid app should be the current users of your free app.

You have to keep in mind that the success of your paid app depends on many factors like the category of your app and your business model. Apps in categories like Productivity, Medical, Business, Healthcare & Fitness, Navigation, Catalogs, Lifestyle, Photo & Video, Travel, and Weather tend to perform better for paid versions compared to other categories. The big picture here is that your app should be a “getting something done” app and in the paid version the ability of “getting this something done” should be unrestricted and a lot easier.

I would suggest to go with the free app for a couple of months, set up your in app analytics and see what your users are trying to achieve, and then restrict the most used features in the free version and make an unrestricted paid version.

Another way to drive downloads to your paid app is to insert ads in the free app and make your paid versions ads-free. In that way you can arbitrage your revenue by reducing the risk.

Just be careful and do not overdo it (too intrusive ads or too little flexibility in free app) as this will result in bad reviews and less downloads even in the free version.

Well explained i agree with you man. Try to make it a free version in a couple of months so you can see how people can say or feedback with your app then try to hear some suggestions before to make it paid.

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