Pay per download advertising networks like StartApp

Hi Guys,

Can any one please let me know if there is any good advertising network, which has pay per download model .
My apps are offline apps and have more non us traffic,Old Startapp used to pay well, not any more with the new SDK.
I have tried Appwiz ,that is also not good for me .
Please refer any network which pays well for non us traffic downloads also


AppWiz just hangs your apps

can i integrate 2 PPD sdk in one app?

Yes you can . You can try AppGrade . I didn’t tried but they are beta and must pay good for now

@VanThanhThien Sure you can integrate more than 1 PPD SDK, you only need to look at the conditions of getting paid: for example Startapp requires you to display: splash, slider and interstitial for at least 30 days (they will stop their PPD model by the end of the month though). On AppFlood, you just need to display 1 full screen interstitial at the app’s launch. We pay $8 for 1000 US-based instals and $1.4 for non-US. You can learn more: Splash Screen SDK.