Patience, volume or quality?

Which is needed most, patience, volume or quality?

Do you write loads and loads of little apps, each earning a small amount of money using adverts, or could this put people off anything you produce and tarnish your name?

Do you go for a few high quality apps that require a lot of research and development time, make them paid-up-front ones, of free with in-app-purchases? Will putting all your eggs in a few, or one basket be too dangerous?

Either way, without a huge advertising budget, is patience your biggest asset? Realise that to see any reasonable return for your ventures will take a minimum of two to five years (if it happens at all, if the market and trends haven’t moved on).

I suppose that more important in any of the above must be your belief in what you are publishing. If you don’t really want your app, would anyone else?

Thank you for letting me wash my brain here :slight_smile:

It’s all up to you. There are success developpers who take their time to make a great app and others who take less time to make more apps. In my opinion, it’s a combination of both which is nice. If your game is easy to make then do it as soon as possible while keeping it clean and colorful and whatnot. I’m a new dev. so don’t quote me on everything i just said. It’s my opinion =)

taking up extra 2mb apk file size is a concern though

One of the reasons you see most of the developers failing is because they make shitty apps, which don’t do a better job than any of their competitors.