Hello, I need a serious investor/partner to make game apps with. Who am I and why would you? I have a 10mill audience. PM me if you’re interested, ill let you know in full detail. (We are the ones that made flappy bird popular)

We are the ones that made flappy bird popular

I highly doubt that judging by your previous threads and posts.

I’m guessing you’re out to scam someone out of something by making fraudulent claims like this?

Why don’t you post the full details about your service in public?

Ever sence we made flappy bird popular ive kept an eye on apps (how everything works) hence coming here and finding out. Im not a service,rather than a popular figure. Im not going to discuss it out in public. Serious investors/partners PM me.

I will use the topic to say that I am looking for investor too. I am the one who made Microsoft popular but I gave it away to Bill.

Gave it away to Bill?, so you were the original founder?.

Serious people PM me. I’ll let you know what its all about.

Dude, I am serious and i got the money. I am waiting for your PM.

Haha sure that. Why Flappy Bird became popular? Simple answer.
Youtube Video by this guy He just need few mins to hours to get over 1 million views and less than day for over ten millions views. He played once flappy bird and sooo many people saw this game and it became popular.

Thats all

I agree its totally PewDiePie who made flappy bird popular!

what is this - a delayed April 1 joke?

Actually that is most likely incorrect. No doubt figures like PewDiePie added to its established virality, but the initial growth is highly questionable. There is an in-depth analysis of the shady nature of Flappy Bird’s initial rise here:
The Story Behind Why Flappy Bird Was Deleted - NativeX

If you are the ones that made Flappy Bird popular then you are most likely not the type of investment anyone would like to make. Flappy Bird’s initial rise to stardom is highly questionable.
The Story Behind Why Flappy Bird Was Deleted - NativeX

Also, that’s a very bold claim to make without any reputation, information or credibility.

There is one service you are all forgetting about.probably you dont know about it.

Like I said, we reach over 10+mill audience.
PM me if you’re interested