Parse Analytics

Anyone here using parse analytics?

How often do they update their dashboard?
On Audience I see, “You don’t have any engagement data for this period” on “Daily active installations”, while I installed the app an hour ago.

Inside “Events” and “App Opens” I see how many times the app has been opened

Parse analytics are real time, I would say “Daily active installations” is not a pure indicator so maybe thats why it takes a bit longer to start showing the numbers… as an extra I would recommend to take a look to their integration guide for analytics, the implementation of events is easy and fast, so useful…

Even though Custom Events are in real time, I have the feeling that Daily Active Installations aren’t…

Anybody using parse push notifications here?
How reliable they are?

Yes, they get updated after a day or so. So, actually I switched to flurry.

Maybe after some time I will go back to parse, as it doesn’t require GPS